The Story of Nora

Slave Trilogy Pt 2 The life of a Lesbian Slave

The Slave Trilogy continues in Part 2 The Story of Nora. The teen slave Lisa with the creamy porcelain skin finds herself about to possibly face a new future, not to her liking. The sexy Slave Catcher brings in a sweet blonde teen slave for future training and trading. Life continues in the white slavery business for the ruthless beautiful Lesbian Mistress and her sensual personal slave who steps into a domination role assisting in Nora’s submissive training. Nora has much to learn.
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Cayla Lyons
Cayla Lyons
Victoria Pure
Victoria Pure
Ornella Morgan
Ornella Morgan
Angel  Princess
Angel Princess
Victoria Puppy
Victoria Puppy


Nora nourishes my soul

Merci for this trilogy. it nourishes my soul. I still miss the wonderful Marie but these lovely ladies are a delight for me. A fantastic cast found here. j'adore the porcelain beauty of Lisa, happy to see more of her.
talou March 21, 2019 08:07

trilogy cast rocks

The ladies here are a total turn on. Great Cast. Good interaction with the differences of the very strong personalities and sweet quiet ones. Loving this trilogy.
modpar May 14, 2019 06:06

Can't Wait for More

I'm kinda hoping for Ornella to become our lovely villainess' other henchwoman. I bet she'd look lovely in a tie.
BoundTie May 14, 2019 06:04

Angel massaging Victoria

That was a beautiful massage scene with Angel Princess oiling Victoria Puppy's ass cheeks and vagina. It takes my breath away watching Victoria's beautiful plump ass being spread and caressed, with Angel slipping her hands between her butt cheeks and down Angel's crack, playing with her juicy pussy lips. I always come to this site looking for more erotic massage / body worship scenes, and this massage scene is one of the best. Please put more massage scenes in future video's, and I will be purchasing them.
Austin May 14, 2019 06:05


Meybe more bondage scene by handcuffs. Could I ask about Melisa satin panties. Is it possible to write brand name? I would like to buy the same :-)
Katka July 7, 2019 04:06

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