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The Education of Erica

A stepdaughter’s lessons in sexual submission and bondage to her Lesbian Mistress

The story of the lesbian sex slave Adela continues. Adela relishes her opportunity to engage in some reverse role playing as the dominant lesbian mistress with 2 beautiful sexy women now in bondage as her personal sex toys. Adela now controls both the whip and the strapon and together with the sensual Doctor and the beautiful stepmother Mrs Donner, they engage in hot lesbian threesomes. Mrs. Donner has now brought her sexy Czech teen stepdaughter Erica to the Doctor’s clinic for education. She is gagged, chained, whipped and then provided erotic stimulation in order to prepare her for her new role as both the desired genetic source material and as the very much desired sexual plaything for her stepmom and her newfound first time lesbian lust. The Strapon Sex provides Hardcore excitement. Click on More Info on the Movie Page for Reviews and Featured Stars.
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Victoria Pure
Victoria Pure
Ornella Morgan
Ornella Morgan
Teresa Ben
Teresa Ben


Erica is sizzling !

The continuation of education of Adela, now with Erica introduced is really sizzling. Hot threesomes, wicked punishments and I love how the roles are reversed here, Adela is great in her dominant role, enjoyed seeing the 2 mistresses under her control. A real winner this one, Boundheat is getting hotter and hotter every time out, but still are beautifully shot productions with real elegance in style. would love this series to continue :-)
modpar December 5, 2017 04:20

educate me

Boundheat has gone and done it again, turned up the heat and am just luving it. Victoria Pure is great in contrast to Melisa and wow, Ornella is fun in action.
georg t December 6, 2017 12:53

Education Of Erica

I was only giving it 3 stars because the movie stopped playing half way through. but Error Resolved! sent email and new license issued! Movie it self was good for what I seen of it. I have never seen a film from Boundheat I didn't like. It was a pleasant surprise to See Adelle take control of her Mistresses for some kinky fun, Would I recommend this film to any one. yes,
Millertime_82_2014@yahoo.com April 28, 2018 06:11

The Education of Erica

Just watched "The Education of Erica", just want to say WOW, Boundheat has put out another winner. If you think Adela was an erotic film, wait till you see Erica, this takes it to a whole new level. Highly recommend everyone see it. Love the way Daniella Kay directs these films.
cutter1157@aol.com January 16, 2018 14:06


Nossa voces são demais .esta melhorando .Cada filme que passa adorei.
adriano April 28, 2018 06:12

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