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The Education of Adela

Lessons in discipline and sexual pleasure

Lesbian slave beautiful teens in bondage to their Mistress provide the perfect genetic material for an unscrupulous Doctor (Melisa Mendini) running an illegal business. She had devised methods to ensure her lesbian desires are met and to ensure compliance of her chosen sex slaves via punishments and sexual rewards. Wealthy straight women come to her clinic and are cunningly required by the Doctor to engage in sex with their sexy teen donor to mutually stimulate and synchronize their hormones. Adela appears to be the perfect donor for Mrs. Donner's needs, who is at first reluctant to engage in sex with a women but soon finds herself drawn into her first lesbian seduction with great passion. Their sex play provides the Doctor with an arousing voyeuristic experience. Click on More Info on the Movie Page for Reviews and Featured Stars and Enjoy this Online Sensational Movie.
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Victoria Pure
Victoria Pure
Ornella Morgan
Ornella Morgan
Teresa Ben
Teresa Ben


Educate me with Adela

Melisa is always great, so good to see her again in action. This is very sexy woman I like her in the role of a nasty mistress, the new blonde MrsDonner is delicious. This is very hot movie.
Donar October 5, 2017 13:06


I am the first to have it buy !!! :)
kaki October 5, 2017 13:07


What about explicit content? There is yes
bran November 4, 2017 06:15

Very hot and sexyyyy!!!

Beautiful girls and very very hhhhot ! I want more videos like this... I'm impatience for the next episode : education of erica !! ;)
kaki October 8, 2017 06:01

education adela

melisa mendini with the sexiest bottom in movies. she is up to no good but it is all very very good :-) i think a winner and didn't have to wait so long this time thanks
modpar October 6, 2017 13:45

Turning a straight women to lesbian very sexy

I love it when a straight woman is seduced to succumb to lesbian sex, its very hot. The blonde plays a super bitch who can take control and crack a good whip and she is really hot in the bed. This new addition to Boundheat Victoria Pure is delicious to watch, looking forward to more. One thing that Boundheat always does better then others is lesbian erotica even when more explicit ( thanks btw) its always done tastefully, always exciting, stimulating, but shot with elegance in style.
Daks October 8, 2017 06:06

Adela is more explicit for boundheat

I must say I really enjoyed this movie, I was surprised to find that boundheat has moved to more explicit content in the lesbian mistress- sex slaves scenes. It is very well done and sexy. The whipping did a turn, will not give away what but really liked the change up here. When I saw Melisa Mendini was so happy, I really like her so much and only wished my other boundheat favorite, the very sensual Marie would come back to some new movies. Victoria Pure shows some real character in her role, she is great to watch in action.
Talou October 28, 2017 07:22

whip her whip her good

Right at start sex slave Adela is shown the power of the whip. I really enjoyed that her new mistress is at first hesitant, to be with Adela and not strong in whipping her. She is then coached by the sexy Doctor (Melisa) and soon overcomes her reluctance and finds herself enjoying her dominant role. Thats hot. I think this newcomer to BH Victoria is excellent in her domination role. Waiting for next part.
J Curtis October 31, 2017 07:23

lesbian seduction with a twist

Interesting concept, a twist on lesbian seduction. The Lesbian Mistress is a doctor who has created a protocol for her clients in order to have her own fantasies fulfilled, in voyeur, dominant and submissive roles. Melisa Mendini returns and she has always been able to handle all role playing well. This has explicit lesbian content which Boundheat has only done previously in a smaller number of films but they do it really well with good taste, beautiful camera techniques and lighting so please do continue.
Evan T November 17, 2017 07:40

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