Stories from Slave Life

Luscious Lesbian Slaves bend to the will of their Sexy Mistress

First Episode shows the transformation of an unprepared beautiful innocent teen to become a willing docile lesbian pleasure slave. She is shackled to a bed of sexual depravity and punishment but she must learn complete obedience in order to be freed from her current prison to enter a new life, but where will that be and who will dominate her next.
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Kathy N.
Kathy N.
Marushka Veckova.
Marushka Veckova.


Slave Life with lovely Marie

I adore this young woman who is the maid, Marie, she has the most expressive eyes and face and such a sweet body. Mistress is very wise to keep her to help train her new companion. The mistress is very sensual and I enjoy most the reading distraction as the lovely Marie tries her best to charm her mistress with her physical beauty and tools of her sensuality, but she is soon in big trouble when she cannot keep her hands off the new merchandise. I as well want to spank that sweet bottom.
Talou March 21, 2017 08:10


Marie Veckova ( I am in love ! ), love this movie very very hot and sexy girls, kiss kiss Kathy N :)
kaki July 2, 2017 08:23

Stories Slave Life satisfies

This is a very hot movie. Marie is luscious, who wouldnt want her as a maid or to be seduced by her, she sets her Mistresss desires on fire. The Mistress is sexy and form in her disciplines. Enjoyed.
EdRob October 28, 2017 12:01

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