Slave Tears Of Rome 1

Lesbian Mistresses of Rome Erotic Slave Desires

Julia is the ultimate evil stepmother, beautiful and devious. She dupes her noble born stepdaughter Nora into a journey that ends with her being taken from her home and sold to Julia's beautiful cousin Anthea who becomes her new dominant Mistress. Nora finds her privileged life of nobility over as she wakes up to the nightmare of slave tears of Rome in a prison of beautiful young women and teens who must all comply to the sexual desires and erotic depravity and dreams of their lesbian tormentors or face their anger and punishments of their whips.
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Marushka Veckova.
Marushka Veckova.
Nikita Valentin
Nikita Valentin
Sandra Sanchez
Sandra Sanchez


Sandra Sanchez is so hot

Sandra Sanchez is so hot, I think I like the red hair even more then when she is a blonde. She is very wicked in this movie, like it a lot. Like the Roman themes. She is a mistress with a very conniving cousin who brings her new slaves, but makes a big mistake when procuring the daughter of a noble family. Trouble will result for sure and it is great to engage.
Modapr May 15, 2017 13:00

it's so good I think black hair will be lovely the people 'medieval'...I love them and their porn
amir July 2, 2017 08:24

slave tears of rome

kind of good quality scene
kaihriipfoze July 2, 2017 08:18

Roman sex slaves are delicious in Slave Tears of Rome

So many beautiful sex slaves dominated not only by their gorgeous sexy lesbian mistresses but also used by their fellow slaves. This is a great series watching how the slaves are captured and punished to break down their wills to perform sexual pleasure. Enticing, delicious, a feast for the senses.
CMor October 25, 2017 09:45

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