Slave Huntress 2

a Lesbian hunter has teen slaves in her sights.

Our new Slave Huntress is on the prowl and has 2 beautiful teen sisters locked firmly in her sights. She cunningly tracks them, captures them and prepares them to later sell them. As ponygirls and lesbian slaves they learn complete sexual obedience to their Mistress whose domination controls their every waking moment. They are seduced as a reward by revelling in her sapphic skills of pleasuring and punished by her whipping if failing to meet her exacting standards. The Slave Huntress enjoys most the challenge of turning straight women into her lesbian playtoys. Their desire to escape is made greater each day.
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Gabriela Tchekan
Gabriela Tchekan
Marushka Veckova.
Marushka Veckova.
Sabina Casarova
Sabina Casarova
Zuzana Presova
Zuzana Presova


Slave Huntress series a favorite

Really enjoy this series. Sexy beautiful woman hunting down her quarry, training them and selling them. Her slaves learn from punishments and rewards, rewards o plenty, passionate erotica. As always, great camera work and classy.
Bolarenko October 28, 2016 04:18

slave huntress series so so sexy

I am not sure which slave huntress i like better of the series, 1 or 2, am leaning towards slave huntress 2 because i love those big luscious natural breasts of nikita valentin. she is great performer as the strong confident slave huntress choosing and hunting down her new lesbian sex slaves for sale on the market. her companion, sabina as her companion in crime is a very excellent performer and wish we could see more of her, she has natural acting talent. a very sexy series love the idea of locating tracking and obtaining their quarries then training them to meet sexual demands.
MikeDro October 31, 2017 06:27

Hot Ponies! Slave Huntress 2

An pretty teen Marie Veckova wearing a light sundress picking herbs in the wilderness, an innocent way to start the story. Before she knows it she is darted, sedated and and trussed up like livestock in the huntresses lair. Marie Veckova is so hot in this movie, so innocent and pure. Fantastic movie showing pony girl transformation with lots of whipping and forced lesbian sex! Please Boundheat, recreate the magic of pony girls and bring back the lovely Marie Veckova!
Bikini June 2, 2018 04:13

Huntress and sexy Slaves

The idea of a lesbian huntress turning innocent sisters into sex slaves is highly erotic, and the film delivers! The actresses are all beautiful. I especially liked Gabriella Luzova who portrayed the huntress in a convincing way. The sex scenes are delicious; my favorite is the one where a slave worships her magnificent breasts. For every fan of pony girls this is a treat. Please give us more of it, maybe a scene in the outdoors as well.
Eric23 February 18, 2021 03:40

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