Run with Fear

This is no refuge, here young women are deceived and trained as lesbian slaves

A medieval nun's convent is the only refuge for young women trying to escape from Turkish raiders looking for slaves. But the beautiful mother superior is actually in league with the raiders and her convent is no refuge but a secret market for the teen beauties who also succumb to her wild erotic lesbian fantasies. She will turn them into her submissive playthings as she controls and dominants their every waking moment.
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Jana Lauerova
Jana Lauerova
Katerina Hovorkova
Katerina Hovorkova
Marushka Veckova.
Marushka Veckova.


Run with Fear historical genre erotica

This is one of boundheat's historical genre themes of their chicks in chains movies. It is well done, good production, a costume drama with plenty of women in peril chased by the bad guys. Lots of action and sexy. Good if you like for something different in sexy movies, not regular lesbian slave stuff. I like to shake it up, this does the trick.
DangerCorner March 21, 2017 08:01

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