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On Consignment Three

A Lesbian mistress and her maid train teen sex slaves

A beautiful blonde teen is prepared for consignment as a lesbian slave while kept in Madame's castle. Madame's sexy maid is entrusted to train her with using both sexual favours and punishments to ensure complete obedience and submission and prepare her for sale to her future dominate Mistress and she definitely takes great pleasure in her work.
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Katerina Novotna
Katerina Novotna
Marushka Veckova.
Marushka Veckova.
Michaela Fictnerova
Michaela Fictnerova
Nikita Valentin
Nikita Valentin


I am wanting more

I love the theme of the maid working for the Mistress who is supposed to assist in training of the new slavebabe, recruit, consignment, but then gets carried away from her duties and gets hot and heavy with the one she is supposed to be training. Lizzie Merova and Mia Me combination is wonderful, great chemistry. the Mistress and buyer are very sexy women who bring justice to their roles. Altogether I really enjoyed it.
mikeRob June 11, 2013 07:32

MARIE VECKOVA (love you)

I love this movie very very hot and sexy girls LOVE LOVE !!!
kaki July 2, 2017 08:22

the consignment series are really good

I like this series of on consignments, 1,2,3,4. But really like the 3rd, it is very hot. There is a dream team here.
dorisk July 2, 2017 08:50

Oral Sex

Bound Heat fires up the heat! The girls engage in actual, non simulated oral sex. The genital shaving scene is very fun too. It is also hot to Marie Veckova step away from her usual complete submissive role and eagerly try a more dom role. Perhaps that reveals her desires in real-life?
Bikini September 30, 2017 04:51

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