Kiss of the Skorpion

Lesbians in servitude

The embrace of the Skorpion is very seductive, she dominates everyone, but her kiss can be deadly. Is Jenna's fate sealed, she is still just in her teens, or can she be rescued in time. Or will she be doomed to a life with women in prison compelled to perform as lesbian slaves as they must accept their new submissive roles under the control of their Mistress. An action packed film.
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Katerina Hovorkova
Katerina Hovorkova
Vladka Kopalova
Vladka Kopalova


Kiss of the Skorpion, action, intrigue, gorgeous babes

This movie has it all. There is action and intrigue and very sexy babes. Good storyline, gorgeous ladies as always, very nicely shot. Fun ride.
Modpar January 19, 2017 09:44

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