Enslaved Justice 2

a lesbian sex slave looks for her freedom

The Judge does hold all the cards. The choices are all difficult, and all involve punishment. Will one of these beautiful teens get lucky and be chosen to do probation work with Ms.Kelly as their new dominate Mistress, and become her docile lesbian slave or will that punishment be much more severe? Part two wraps it all up.
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Alexandra Lee
Alexandra Lee
Lizzie Merova
Lizzie Merova
Nella Bony
Nella Bony
Paulina Zrnova
Paulina Zrnova


This film delivers

Really enjoyed this movie. The babes deliver definitely, unusual branding action and I have a new crush on a couple of new boundheat babes, hope to see more of them. A winner!
Jack B June 7, 2013 06:40

Enslaved Justice 2 winner winner

I love this movie I like the evil Judge taking advantage of young girls who have got into trouble. But things really heat up when her evil cohert the parole officer comes onto the scene to take advantage. She is wicked and very sexy. Good delivery, very happy.
LenJ June 7, 2013 06:48

Alexandra Lee is wicked and hot here

I have to agree, I have a new fave villainous, it is Alexandra Lee, who puts her new slave through her paces. She has that devil grin, and her body rocks, so does her slave, want to see more of both of these in the next movies. Glad for part two, that I didn't have to wait so long this time, it ties up nicely. (pun intended)
Modpar June 8, 2013 03:48

New boundheat ladies are gorgeous

I do like these new brunettes additions to boundheat ladies. but I miss my lovely Marie, I hope she comes back soon. the Judge plays her role very well. I like the storyline here also.
Talou October 3, 2016 07:34

enslaved justice 2

I enjoyed the movie,but (PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE) no more school girl uniforms, there is nothing sexy about a long sleeve white shirt, knee high socks and tennis shoes. BH has done this too death and it is time to do something else.
newporter June 22, 2013 15:29

Enslaved Justice delivers

I love the schoolgirl uniforms, and I think they are very sexy, there is something about the innocent versus secretly naughty that is very appealing. Overall, I like the performances in this movie, the Judge delivers and her accomplice even more so, a welcome new addition here, enjoyed it very much!
LacyV July 17, 2013 23:37

I love Enslaved Justice 2

I love Enslaved Justice 2, because i love lesbians in stockings and the story is very fantastic.
José Francisco Mendoza Martínez December 12, 2013 21:08

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