Enslaved Justice

A bondage and submission video of teen sex slaves

When the Judge hold all the cards, how does a beautiful teen choose? Every choice is a punishment. Some better and more enjoyable, then others. She is now just a lesbian slave in the Judge’s prison of women and an escape to a different world is possible only by satisfying the erotic dreams and desires of her dominate sapphic mistress.
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Alexandra Lee
Alexandra Lee
Lizzie Merova
Lizzie Merova
Nella Bony
Nella Bony
Paulina Zrnova
Paulina Zrnova


Whip it Good! Enslaved Justice

Enslaved Justice is a fairly simple story. The Judge is quite good in her character, the redhead has amongst the best boobs in the business, natural, luscious. Glad to see Lizzie Merova again, she is very hot. I like the preview of Part 2, think I will like it more, it looks more interesting to me. And someone new to me and looking forward to seeing more of is Alexandra Lee.
jasonk November 3, 2016 05:58

bring on pt 2 enslaved justice

Part one is a bit short on detail for me cause I am not heavy into whipping, if you are, this has a lot. I also like this new actress Alexandra Lee, she has some twinkle in her eye that is pure sass. And must say also happy to see again Lizzie Merova, this blonde is always a fave of me, she is quite luscious and a nice foil to the Judge Nelly Bony.
brika April 8, 2013 03:08

Enslaved Justice love Lizzie

I happen to really like Lizzie Merova aka Michaela, she is very sweet and I always worry for her character in the films so am glad to see her again in a boundheat movie. But I think this brunette meanie I see in the previews of Part 2 is going to be really a new fave for me. She has a different look and I like her edge. The Judge is also good. Hope I don't have to wait too long for part 2.
HappyJoe April 10, 2013 09:14

Justice can be sexy

The Judge does hold all the cards and she uses them in this movie. I like her coolness, that slight holding back at times can be very sexy. Wanted to see more, but will have to get the next one up I guess.
Daryl J June 9, 2013 04:34

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