Empire of Sin

Sensual Maidens in Bondage

Numerous sexy and desirable teens, the daughters of local lords are being held by a beautiful depraved sadistic woman who enslaves them and demands their conformation to her lesbian desires in her bid to gain control of a powerful ancient Empire. Only one other woman, beautiful and honorable can save them. A classic from our boundheat library collection now available as a streaming video, an action packed story of the battle of good versus evil, lesbian slavery and women held in prison.
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Daniella Khrutova
Daniella Khrutova
Lucie Vondrackova
Lucie Vondrackova
Rena Mero
Rena Mero


Sable is gorgeous

Sable, so unexpected, she is one hot lady. Love the sword action, and babes o plenty!
lilajay April 9, 2013 08:17

Empire of Sin has lots of sexy babes and sexy action

I like the combo of all the sword play with these beautiful babes. Action and sexy maidens, great fun. Very professional sword fighting sequences and the maidens are luscious.
lululemon October 28, 2016 04:19

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