Disappeared On Arrival

A Lesbian Mistress trains submissive sex slaves

A ruthless Lesbian Mistress skilled in training submissive slaves is engaged by a cunning mobster to provide him docile beautiful women for his slave trade who will become immediately untraceable, Disappeared on Arrival. Can they free themselves from such a terrible fate.
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Cayla Lyons
Cayla Lyons
Jenny Apach
Jenny Apach
Kattie Gold
Kattie Gold
Tess Lyndon
Tess Lyndon


Yes! Been waiting for this!

I have been patiently waiting and have been rewarded :-) Hot! enjoyed very much.
GordonG June 4, 2015 02:38

DOA, do get it on arrival

good movie, that little blondie is very sexy, such an innocent look about her, but she is hot. like the whipping scenes, like the girl on girl scenes, enjoyed this film.
Larry O June 4, 2015 02:41

More of this please

Am looking forward to next install. This was quite good, quite hot. Liked the mafia guy angle, sort of like a Charlie's Angels, maybe that blonde babe is Farah, but she is way cuter :-) and a little vixen, that one.
Jim W June 4, 2015 02:44

Disappeared On Arrival is delicious

This new young star Cayla Lyons is absolutely delicious, with such a sweet innocent look but with smoldering sensuality just waiting to be untapped. A new fave for sure, and a great whipping scene from that vixen redhead mistress, Kattie Gold, she delivers the goods and Tess Lyndon is a slave turned cunning accomplice to her mistress.
lulu October 28, 2016 04:19


ich bin total begeistert. Very excited.
HPK09092016 December 16, 2016 13:58

Disappeared on Arrival

A plot like this has always excited me, and you have taken me to a new area of orgasmic delight!Love the feeling of helplessness that the blonde personifies as well as anyone i've seen. Great film!!
subkarensue May 2, 2018 03:26


Great film
Aílton Jose de Castro meira February 13, 2019 09:39

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