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Bound Tears

Domination of Teen Slaves into Lesbian Desires

Two lovely teens are tricked by corrupt police with false evidence. Frightened, they flee and are found by the Baroness who offers them assistance but instead find themselves becoming her slaves by day alongside many other beauties and her sexual playthings by night compelled to satisfy all of her lesbian erotic fantasies.
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Jana Lauerova
Jana Lauerova
Katka Henesova
Katka Henesova
Lucie Haluzikova
Lucie Haluzikova
Marushka Veckova.
Marushka Veckova.


Awesome Theme and Acting!

This has always been a secret fantasy set-up for me and i couldn't imagine a better movie theme! kisses, karensue
Karen Schneeberger July 2, 2017 08:17

Awesome Flick!

i have always fantasized being involved in something like this, and you are almost bringing it alive for me. kisses, karensue
karensue July 2, 2017 08:16

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