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Blood Countess 2

The infamous Erzabeth Bathory, the story of a lesbian mistress and her helpless virgin teen slaves

Under the tutelage of her aunt, and the beautiful evil Klara, the young Elizabeth Bathory has an awakening that leads to mass mayhem and a lifetime of sinful and monstrous and often deadly deeds. Her lesbian depravity was infamous, her sadistic desires extreme. A multitude of beautiful virginal women met their fate in her prison of women, kept in bondage of punishments and sexual pleasuring.
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Gabriela Tchekan
Gabriela Tchekan
Laura Crystal
Laura Crystal
Vendula B.
Vendula B.


Blood Countess 2 the early years

I wonder what really drove the Blood Countess Bathory to lead the crazy life she did, maybe this shows why, but it does not mater, its a fun twist on her story and with so many gorgeous slaves at her beckoning I like period pieces and to find it mixed in with something that is a really erotic and dark tale is great fun
Duff November 15, 2016 07:33

Kristina Uhrinova Blood Countess 2

When Kristina/Melisa retires from the adult industry, she could try for acting instead- she is superb! Great character depth, and made her role very believable. Well done Bound Heat- cast her again in your productions please :)
Moonrarr June 2, 2018 04:14

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