Betrayed Innocence

Innocent teens chained and trained are sold into Lesbian Slavery

A lesbian warden and her assistants control sexy young women in a prison, subjecting them to daily punishments of whipping and domination. They are intent on turning the beautiful sensual teens into submissive docile pleasure dolls preparing them for the Mistress's slave auctions she conducts over the internet. Her pleasure is found in turning straight girls to become her lesbian lovers, but it is only a temporary measure, because it is all about money, and there is always a buyer to be found for these beauties and their future will lie elsewhere. Will any of them be able to resist their fate and find freedom?
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Lucie Haluzikova
Lucie Haluzikova
Marketa Belonoha
Marketa Belonoha
Vladka Kopalova
Vladka Kopalova


Marketa total babe

Marketa is hot, hard to find her these days, maybe she retired? all these Czech babes are hot, this is a classic for me, nice lashings too
georg April 7, 2013 15:04

A classic wip film

This film is a classic of the wip type of films. Beautiful babes under control of sexy madame, trying to get free from their fate. Great camera work, well shot.
nelson eddie October 2, 2016 07:33

Betrayed Innocence a classic tale from Boundheat

This is bound to be a classic of the group, pun intended. Hot stolen merchandise, gorgeous beyond hope, all trained for sale as sex mates to highest bidder. The bitch is cool as ice but hot as same time, it is excellent.
NormanH March 21, 2017 05:55

Betrayed Innocence

This is excellent movie from boundheat. The slave trader is delicious to watch, pure evil and very sensual. The trading scenes are good, punishments too. Love the whip action, and the redhead in and out of bed.
Fibioni April 13, 2017 11:09

For the whipping and the gorgeous mistress

The blonde lesbian mistress is gorgeous and find this cool detached blondes so sexy with ice water in her veins, she spies one slave that stands out for her from the others and she is obsessed with her and falls for her seduction and charms. Easy to see why. The whipping scenes are very good, the multitude of gorgeous slaves is just babe o licious overdrive :-)
JCurtis October 31, 2017 07:52

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