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Bound Heat Films

We are a Canadian company in business for over 25 years producing full length feature films of all genres. We also operate via our Czech based company, a large film production studio facility in the Czech Republic. We have successfully distributed all of our films worldwide via our Canadian offices through traditional means for many years prior to the advent of accessible internet technology.

We then created a separate division entitled Bound Heat Films to deal exclusively in the genre of Sapphic Erotica and Women in Prison films. This line of films began with our internationally successful hit Chained Heat 2 which was released in the US by New Line Cinema some years ago and which remains a huge cult favorite today.

We have based our operation for Bound Heat Films in the Czech Republic in order to provide efficient logistics for the distribution of our films and as well to take advantage of the discretionary shipping services here not requiring disclosure of contents. This then allows us to provide a greater level of privacy for our customers in the receipt of their purchases.

We are the exclusive distributors of Bound Heat Films. Our mission is to provide quality films encompassing the subject matter of lesbian erotica, white slavery and women in prison themes and we are the only company with rights to sell these films full-length and uncensored worldwide.


Bound Heat movies are very unique and you will not find anything like this elsewhere. Some of the key features of Bound Heat films include:

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